Bleachbright Whitening Kit vs In Office Treatment

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When it comes to bleachbright you are not limited to just using their take-home whitening kit. You also have the option of going to one of their whitening offices where you can get an in office treatment. In this article I will break down the similarities as well as the differences among the two options.

Now as far as differences are concerned one thing right off the bat that is different between the in-office treatment versus using their whitening kit is the fact that the in-office treatment uses much more powerful LEDs whereas the portable whitening kit only comes with a small battery-powered LED. Studies have shown that LEDs that are much more powerful tend to have better results than the small portable ones that you receive in whitening kits. Whether the cost difference is actually worth it is unknown but the fact that they’re using very powerful LEDs means that you might see the difference compared to using just the system.

The second thing is the cost difference, there whitening kit is relatively cheap (if purchase anywhere besides their website) but they’re in office treatment will run you a few hundred dollars. Now whether a cost is justified or not I cannot say since I haven’t use their in-office treatment and the only way to determine that would be either to try for yourself or find someone who has undergone there in-office treatment. When calculating whether it’s worth it or not to use in office treatment one thing you might want to keep in mind is that with the whitening kit you can use it multiple times if you’re not satisfied or if your teeth start to yellowing a few weeks or months later. When it comes to an office treatment you’re pretty much stuck with what you have once you leave the office and if your treatment starts to fade quickly (which I’ve read reviews of some users saying that this has happened to them) you’re pretty much screwed at that point. Now obviously everybody’s case is going to be different and you can’t judge whether or not this treatment is going to be good for you just off of a few people’s experience.

The next thing you really have to factor in is the time that it will take you to get the in office treatment done versus the time it will take to do it at your own home. I noticed that most of their kiosk are located in malls so as you could imagine there could be a wait associated depending on how busy the mall is. Again, since I haven’t use their in office treatment I don’t know if you could even schedule appointment or not or if you just have to walk in. So this is something else you want to factor in when deciding whether their in office treatment or their whitening kit would be the best choice for you.

Last but not least, a lot of people might not know this but when it comes to kiosk such as bleach bright, it’s one of those DIY solutions. The reason why is because the people that are performing your whitening treatment at the bleachbright in office whitening centers are not licensed dentist or hygienist therefore they cannot legally touch inside your mouth. You have to do all the work yourself, which is almost like basically using the whitening kit at their office with the only difference being that you can use their high-powered LEDs. So this is another big factor you might want to consider as to whether or not the cost is justified.

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