Bleachbright Tanning Teeth Whitening Kit Review

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Does Bleachbright Work?

Yes, Bleachbright is a very powerful teeth whitening product that delivers excellent results and there are several reasons as to why. I will be providing an in-depth review showing all the pros and cons of the Bleach bright teeth whitening system.


Hydrogen Peroxide

One of the main and biggest pros about bleachbright teeth whitening is the fact that they use hydrogen peroxide as the active whitening agent. Far too often when purchasing a teeth whitening kit you’ll see that they use carbamide peroxide as the whitening agent which has only about one third of the power of hydrogen peroxide. This is why dentist use hydrogen peroxide when you go for an in office treatment, there is no active agent that currently whitens better than hydrogen peroxide.

No Whitening Trays

What makes this kit really unique is the fact that it does not include whitening trays and the reason for that is It’s not required. Bleachbright does not use the traditional syringe, mouth trays, etc… (though they do have this option available in a separate kit). Instead it comes with a little bottle of hydrogen peroxide gel with a small brush attached to the cap, similar to what you would get when you purchase a bottle of nail polish.

Using While You Tan

In my last point, I stated that this kit does not come with whitening trays and the reason for this is because this kit is also designed to be used while you tan. Meaning if you are a person that likes to tan then you can use this whitening kit while you go to you next tan session so not only are you tanning your skin but you’re also whitening your teeth simultaneously. This is something unique and I’ve personally have never seen any other whitening kit comes up with such a concept. Also, it comes with an LED so even if you don’t tan, you can simply use the included LED to activate the whitening gel.


No Money Back Guarantee

In this day in age it’s pretty standard for good products to include a 30-day money back guarantee but unfortunately it seems the bleachbright home whitening system doesn’t. So basically if the kit doesn’t work for you then you’re basically screwed.

No Enamel Gel

This kit does not include any enamel gel but is available as a separate option. What the enamel gel it makes it harder for you to get cavities, as well as other type of damage by simply strengthening your enamel.


As far as reviews are concerned, the majority of the reviews we’ve found seem to suggest that people are seeing results from this kit (see pic below). There are a few reviews about people complaining about a burning/stinging sensation and that’s most likely caused by them not carefully applying the hydrogen peroxide to their teeth. If the hydrogen peroxide gets on your gums, no matter what kit you’re using you’ll feel some type of burning and this why it’s recommended to immediately wipe off access gel that might have gotten on your gums.


As long as you take everything above into consideration you should not have any problems when using this kit.

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